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Name:Gabriel Gray
Current Canon Location: Season 3...but not quite as we know it. More details forthcoming once the mun figures them out.
(All elements connected to this journal, including threads/OOMs, icons, and OOC information, will likely contain spoilers up to this point; if this becomes a concern, please ping me, e-mail me, or leave a comment here.)

"When I was kid, I used to wish some stranger would come and tell me my family wasn't really my family. They weren't bad people, they were just...insignificant. And I wanted to be different. Special. I wanted to change -- a new name, a new life....I wanted to be important."

Gabriel Gray's talent lay in understanding the way things worked. A gifted watchmaker, he inherited the profession from his father; he could tell you what parts needed fixing just by listening to them tick and what was broken simply by watching it move. He devoted years of his life to pet projects in his Brooklyn shop.

Yet he'd always considered watchmaking a low, unsatisfying, and meaningless job. He was, after all, meant for something far greater. When Chandra Suresh came to him in April of 2006, Gabriel believed he'd found his chance: unquestionable proof that he could be important.

Days passed, and nothing changed. But Gabriel had a talent for understanding how things worked.

How they were supposed to work.

Much later, the watchmaker's son is still a watchmaker...but in a very different way than anyone could have predicted.

Gabriel Gray is in his late twenties, slender and very tall (6'4"), with brown eyes, unkempt black hair, and a face that could be attractive if you ignored the unusually thick eyebrows and perpetual stubble. (Yes, that does make him a dead ringer for Adam Kaufman.) At one point, he dressed like the quintessential nerd, complete with sweater vests and the occasional pair of bulky glasses. Nowadays, he's more likely to be seen in a black tank top and a pair of dusty jeans.

He's also far more likely to introduce himself as "Sylar."

His baseline superhuman ability is an instant aptitude for understanding how complex systems work, both mechanical and biological; other acquired abilities include telekinesis, cryokinesis, total recall, liquefaction/atom destabilization, enhanced hearing, precognition, and induced radioactivity, with the telekinesis being the strongest of the seven. However, the full extent of his powers remains unknown -- it's possible that he's gained as many as ten secondary abilities in all -- as does the exact method he employs to absorb them from other evolved humans, so the mun may have to be maddeningly vague about it on occasion to try and limit contradictions with future canon. Apologies go out in advance.

As of his entrance into season three, all of Sylar's powers are gone except for his intuitive aptitude. He's also begun to venture into AU territory, and will likely split off from canon entirely in the near future.

He comes from the television series Heroes, which is the property of Tim Kring, NBC, and all other associated parties. This completely fictional journal is for RP purposes in [info]milliways_bar only, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

A WARNING: Sylar is not a nice person by any stretch; he's a serial killer, certifiably sociopathic, and somebody who takes a perverse delight in pushing other people's buttons. While he will never inflict physical harm without permission and OOC communication/planning, if he senses a psychological weakness in your character, he may instantly attack it -- especially if they work in law enforcement or possess superhuman abilities themselves. Tag with caution and the expectation that things might get breaky, and please don't hesitate to ping me on AIM before or at any point during a thread if you're worried. More details about this can be found here (but be wary of season two spoilers if you click).

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